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Are you easily confused by terms like cultural appropriation, cisgender, toxic masculinity, twunk, black girl magic, and woke? Or maybe you’re tired of explaining terms like these and you need a community that gets you! Sounds like you need MINORITY KORNER! Nnekay & James dish out your weekly serving of pop culture, social commentary, nerdy stuff, politics, empowerment, celebrity feuds, zanny anecdotes, mispronunciation of most names, and things they left out of the history books, all from a perspective that’s Black, queer, and lady like! So come learn, laugh, and play! (Part of the Maximum Fun Network)
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Are you easily confused by terms like cultural appropriation, cisgender, toxic masculinity, twunk, black girl magic, and woke? Or maybe you’re tired of explaining terms like these and you need a community that gets you!  Sounds like you need MINORITY KORNER! Nnekay & James dish out your weekly serving of pop culture, social commentary, nerdy stuff, politics, empowerment, celebrity feuds, zanny anecdotes, mispronunciation of most names, and things they left out of the history books, all from a perspective that’s Black, queer, and lady like! So come learn, laugh, and play! (Part of the Maximum Fun Network)

Jul 8, 2016

We're livin it up like Patti LaBelle, or at least trying to as Nnekay catches James up on two recent shootings of unarmed Black Men while James in Amsterdam, Nnekay is holding it down in the Bay Area. We find out how Nnekay spent Straight pride. We're giving some more side eye at Whoopi Goldberg. Nnekay educates us on 17 Black Olympians who competed in the 1936 Olympics other than Jesse Owens (who knew)? And James is laying it down on Feminism, so listen up straight dudes and gays, as it's time to unpack this patriarchal, misogynistic bullshit! Plus a Quizlit Korner which will let you know why you do NOT fuck with John Lewis! 


Jul 1, 2016

Happy Pride ya'll! James is confronted with a lot of ugly truths in this episode as Nnekay is dropping earth shattering truth bombs. Is Nnekay going to be an upcoming Actress? We dive into Pride and celebrate and discuss brilliant dream boat Jesse Williams' acceptance speech. James is going to give you a run down of the state of guns in Amurrica, historical shooting massacres, how we look in comparison to other countries, and why guns are so tough to beat in this country. Nnekay is giving us a comic book news roundup of some new series that are uplifting marginalized groups... and some that are not... and will get Nnekay's harsh side eye!
Jun 24, 2016

 Nnekay and James are SO excited to be apart of the Maximum Fun Network, the support has been amazing! James talks about the amazing Broadway Play, Color Purple... which is NOT featuring Jennifer Hudson anymore. Which is too bad because James has another one of his famous impressions! James breaks DOWN the play and how everyone should check it out.

Nnekay takes us to the Protect Yourself/Protect Other People Korner! First, she breaks down what to do when an active shooter is present, with information from Homeland Security. The Protect Other People part covers how straight Allies can support the LGBT community.

James takes us through an Orlando News Round Up Korner. He tells us stories of survivals, victims, the police officers who came to help, and some of the potential legislation. He also explains how even he has a connection to some of the victims. How this tragedy hits so terribly close to home. Also, James breaks down how the rest of the world has shown solidarity... including a very surprising celebrity. 

We got another Quizlet Korner! Will James stump Nnekay?!?!?! 

So enjoy! Share, and spread the word!

Jun 17, 2016

James is back from his epic journey to Niagara Falls and Fire Island, Nnekay is... well stuck in her car again, this time she's a little less hot... and not alone. We also take a moment to gather our thoughts in the horror of Orlando. We'll be diving in deep on the topic in future episodes. For now  enjoy our previously recorded episode on Political Correctness, what white people can do to stop promoting subtle racism (which can be applied to straight allies and homophobia during this current time) and a follow up on the Kids For Cash scandal.

Jun 9, 2016

It's our first episode apart of the Maximum Fun Network and it is hot and fresh! So hot and fresh that James has a sunburn! Nnekay also looses it while James practices some new voices inspired by the Jungle Book. Nnekay takes us on a journey through some Black Girl Magic with young up and coming black women poets. James is about to blow the Kinsey Scale out of the water with the new Purple-Red Scale, where do you land?! Are you a A0 or an F5? Another quizlet korner! Will Nnekay succeed again? This week we cover Bernie Sanders, Zika, DMX, Cheese Rolls and more! ENJOY!






Jun 1, 2016

It's the sweatiest, hottest episode to date! Nnekay is a bad mother to herself, will she survive? What does that even mean?  It' the BBMA's do you know what those are? Britney performed and we need to discuss it's importance.  Black Excellence, we need to talk about it from Lemonade, to Roots.  James investigates 'Spanking' and has some surprising numbers, and research, and we're not talking about the sexy kind, nope the parenting kind: corporal punishment.  Women in NASA, AKA The Female Computers, NOT computeresses because that's sexiest. Nnekay's got a rocket of information, and is exposing NASA's kept secret of these bad ass ladies. Quizlet Korner is a mixed grab bag from Hulk Hogan, to Gay Men's Chorus, to ... Bill Cosby... maybe he did something good... doubtful, but find out! 




Rocket Girls!




May 26, 2016

Ariana Grande is a dangerous woman, and James can't stop raving about it. Game of Thrones has sent Nnekay to the crazy house. NO spoilers! James is finally drinking that Lemonade and getting in Formation- we break down the Beyonce debate as bell hooks and brilliant transgender activist and writer Janet Mock duke it out on the twitters. Did Nnekay's award winning journalism and reporting from last week help bring about the resigning of SF police chief? Also, it's the first ever Minority Korner sex tips! We're giving you a list of things that would epically suck if you do these things in bed! Or wherever you choose to rub your sexy parts on to each other. James is giving the Gay State of Affairs Union Address: Transphobia/Transpanic, bathrooms, murders, Walmart, and Bears oh my! James also breaks down gay male subgroups for Nnekay. If Nnekay where a gay man where would she fit? Will SF lose it's Pride festival this year? Is George Zimmerman still an asshole? Is Whitney Houston coming back in Hologram- find out in Quizlet Korner!

May 12, 2016

Nnekay is married! And planning her application to join Marvel's the avengers with her new married superpower. We give you the play by play of the Minority Korner's own Royal Wedding.  Did she become a bridezilla as I had predicted on episode one of Minority Korner? We both went to Captain America: No spoilers both of us had some crazy ass movie theater's. Nnekay confronts her archenemies: Wikipedia Know it Alls. Mandy Moore makes several appearances.  Prepare for a drive by fruity of information in James' "In Case you Missed it Korner", we're going to get you all ready for your weekend dinner parties with these gems: Colton Haynes, La Pride Music Festival, QueenBey, Ya'll Means All, Lemonade, SF P.D. is apparently racists, and homophobic, Rachel Dolezeal is back, dudes  are hating on the female Ghostbusters movie and trailer, and why won't Hollywood let us see our Black Actors. We have a Prince Tribute in our True or False Rumors game, and are JLO and Mariah having a feud? Oh and we have to talk about Janet Jackson is having a baby at 50.

Wiki Stats
Apr 27, 2016

Nnekayy is potentially on her death bed with fever dreams of Michelle Obama. Is this entire episode just a dream of hers? James Olivia Pope'd it to D.C., and Nnekay survived her Bachelorette, though now she's on her death bed- so maybe she didn't. James tackles Hollywood White Washing: the Asian Edition- we're looking at you Dr.Strange, and Ghost in a Shell- and more! Nnekay has another list: This time of awesome African children cartoons. This weeks Quizlet has Nnekay guessing… the game itself! Is the GOP turning on itself with death threats to each other, are these lions gay? Are Jay-Z and Beyonce moving to the Bay Area? Let's Figure it out!!!!!







Apr 20, 2016

Nnekay (AKA Dawn's Old Face) tells a horrific tale of a night out in El Cerrito. James tells of a night out in NYC both are prime examples of these two aging Korner Folk. Nneaky dives into aisle discrimination involving Black hair care products.  James examines the history of LGBT characters in Cartoon, and specifically highlights the importance of Sailor Moon in most Queer kids upbringing. Quizlet Korner has you covered from Major League Baseball to the Panama papers. Plus we have to Free Brandy! And we look at Black Girls Rock! 


Apr 13, 2016

Nnekay and James are back on their respective coasts, and Nnekay is a woman on demand. James lost his I.D and is incredibly confused as to what city he's currently in. We dive into the Hamilton casting notice controversy.  and Nnekay and James talking about breeding possibilities involving a poodle. James continues his 2 part investigation of RuPaul, and if you thought last week was problematic- hold onto your butts this week. Nnekay shines light on 5 Japanese American woman who were doing it up in the civil rights movement. And as usual we have a Quizlet Korner that is just as random as ever! 


RuPaul Pt2




Apr 6, 2016

Nnekay and James are reunited and recording from Dolores park, on Easter Sunday- what could possibly go wrong?! (EVERYTHING!) We scope out the diversity (lack there of) of the park. Nnekay looks into the Unfair and Lovely campaign in India. James starts his 2 part investigation into the complicated, brilliant, yet problematic RuPaul who is essentially a Minority Korner Burrito. We also plug lots of things (you'd think we're getting endorsements). Quizlet Korner gets crazy, we might murder someone in the park, and uhhhhh Joey Brown stops on by. Get ready for the wildest Minority Korner to date!








Mar 22, 2016

James is back in the country- yes they actually let him back in and Nnekay is ready to catch him up on all things Trump, and what Rihanna is saying. What is Rihanna saying? Is it a legit language? Let's find out!  Latino high school students feel invisible when it comes to U.S. History... why? We dive into the history of Latinos and US History and how itpaved the way for amny many other civil rights causes.  We also examine the "Green Rush" and why it's ok for white folks to sell weed legally, but not Black folks. This weeks Quizlet Korner is a grab bag of random stories filled with guns, murder, birthdays, and Heathers! 

Let's go to the corners!









Mar 9, 2016

James is reporting LIVE from Amsterdam, and Nnekay is in exotic Oakland! Did you watch the Oscars? Neither did we, except for that Chris Rock monologue, and that awkward Stacy Dash moment. Nnekay looks into the lack of diversity in the tech industry and provides some answers and solutions. Pull up tight, because James is going to take you on a magical journey through time, as we look at the history of queer fabulousness. Also Tony the Tiger is out of control in this weeks Quizlet corner. 

Mar 2, 2016

Our new challenge- how many times each episode can we mention Sister Act? The struggle is real for James since he can't seem to find Kombocha in New York. Nnekay missed Minority Korner dance practice. Racists hate crimes hit a little too close to home for Minority Korner as the son of UCSC's multicultural theater company Rainbow Theater is the victim of several hate crimes at San Jose State. Linda Tripp! You are on watch, James starts a new beef with another "celebrity".  James brakes the silence of the rate of rape in the military and it's effecting not the gender you'd think at an alarming rate, and how it dates back to the foundation of the U.S. all the way back to slavery times. Nnekay answers a question posed by a listener, how do we teach racism to kids, and she's found a list of awesome and interesting books! Also in Quizlet Korner we revisit topics from the past: Rentboy, kids for cash, and Michael Johnson aka Tyson "Mandingo. And we invite you to join the movement: #BeFabulousFriday!

"Son, Men Don't Get Raped"

Picture Books That Teach Kids to Combat Racism 

Feb 23, 2016

James is hiiiiiiiiiigh … on caffeine and he takes us on the ride of our life! Today we talk about SHONDA and the year of YES! Is Lauryn Hill crazy?! Who know, but Nnekay sure thinks she has the answers. James tells us all about homelessness of the LGBTQ youth community. Meanwhile, Nnekay dives deep into the #FreeKesha movement. Whaaaat a potential Minority Korner Book Club and we answer our first listener question!!! We're so excited, so excited... We're so scared!


Homelessness and LGBTQ YOUTH


Kesha and the music industry


Feb 16, 2016

Today on Episode 3 of season 2... or episode 20 if your nasty... we talk about silly as Meryl Streep not understand the concept of race. The goddess Angela Bassett being the her amazing awesome self. Nnekay is just too damn tired for the club. James talks about the world thinks the Super Bowl was one big ole Black Gay Affair... which sounds familiar.... hmmmmmm Minority Korner much?!?!?!? Speaking of blackness, Nnekay actually explains what the black panthers stood for. James tries to stump Nnekay again with Quizlet Corner and there may or may not have been a mention of Planet Fitness which we SWEAR is not a sponsor of ours.... but we'll take the monies if you wanna give it ussssssssssssss. 


Meryl Streep "We're All Africans" 

Angela Bassett 

Gayest Superbowl Evah! Links:

Gay Agenda Superbowl 

Crazy ass Tomi Lahren

Welcome to the Movement Beyonce 







Feb 9, 2016

Happy Black History Month! But every month is Black History Month at Minority Korner, and some of you might be asking: why isn't there a Black History Month? Well, Nnekay has your answer… and it's short. Did you see the Beyonce & Coldplay music video? Is Coldplay at it again in their cultural "appreciation"/appropriation? #TweetLikeAWhiteGay has set the internet ablaze! Plus there are plenty of things you use that you probably had no idea that it was invented by a Black person. And this week in Quizlet Korner, James is sure he's got Nnekay stumped! Here we go for our 19th episode! 

Invented By A Black Person





Feb 2, 2016

We're back, and this season we're coming at you from coast to coast. James is finally back from Europe now in New York, and Nnekay is still holding it down in the Bay Area. James survived his first Blizzard. And if you that the Blizzard was white- did you see the Oscar nominations. We're going over the timeline of all the craziness over #OscarsSoWhite, and everyone's got something to say from Jadah Pinket, to Sarah Palin, to self hating troll Stacy Dash. There's talks of a boycott brewing. There's a new young little Black girl taking on America's lack of diversity in children books. Plus your favorite corners are back: Quizlet Korner AND History Korner. This week in Quizlet corner James tests Nnekay's knowledge of what he may or may have not done on his European Journey AND a bonus quiz about our favorite whacky Alaskan Sarah Palin. And History Korner has Nnekay sweatin'. Plus we practice our accents. Welcome back to the Minority Korner! 


Nnekay's Corner Little Girls That Be Making Her Cry:


Dec 22, 2015

We're going back in time to the lost episode. Remember two months ago? It was action packed! James was live in the east bay sort of. Well he was. James went to a wedding and won the shit out of it. Nnekay got a mysterious note.  Viola Davis at the Emmy's remember that? Let's go back and talk about it.

It's the first ever Minority Korner Movie Review: The Perfect Guy! You like many, probably missed it in theaters but now it's time to rent it on VOD, Netflix, or whatever handy service you have at your disposal A.SAP

Nnekay takes us on a tour of #itwasablackwoman. Black woman have done a lot do dope shit, and sadly we don't know it all.

Remember that ultimate asshat Martin Schreely, who wanted charge a ridiculous amount of money for AIDS drugs by raising the prices by 5000%.

In the Quizlet Corner it's all about Azealia Banks… and starting 2 months ago, we just might have to be done with her. She may have just flew off the crazy train.

Plus dogs, and James' allergies! Will he make it through the episode… I mean… did he… (spoiler alert: yes). 

Sep 22, 2015

We are feeling easy, breezy, and beautiful this week. We further deconstruct Bitch Betta Have My Money. James went to a bourgeois club doctor. We take a trip to Shondaland! Nnekay wound up in the Bermuda triangle of San Francisco. Apparently political correctness is running rampant amongst our American Universities and reeking havoc on millennial ability to critically think... or are old professors just really wanting to hold onto saying offensive things? Bernie Sanders wants to take down private prisons. This weeks history corner looks at Vanessa Williams the first black Miss America, and we go off an deep tangent about Lifetime movies.


The Codling of the American Mind

10 Ways Liberals Perpetuate Racism

Sep 15, 2015

The teenage dream episodes continue, with an episode full of teenage dreamyness! But first Nnekay's in need of a corn chip intervention, and gives hair tips that may lead to suffocation. We need to talk about Raven Simone, Chris Brown has "love" for the LGBT community, and we continue the conversation: can you separate the art from the artist? But most of all we need to talk about teenage dream Rowan Blanchard of 'Girl Meets World', the first member of the Minority Korner Party Korner!  It's time to Marvel at the Marvel Korner because they are diversifying their roster, and the people behind the scenes. Taylor Swift is still basic. Australia did a study that asks: Is sexual racism different than actual racism...? They're probably the same thing but let's look. Plus actor/activist Anthony Williams of hit film 'The Diary of a Teenage Girl' stops by the Korner. Teen sexual awakening, subtle racism, white fragility, activism through social media, and more, we talk about it all with Anthony! And then Nnekay disappears and you wont believe where James finds her. 











Sep 8, 2015

It's the teenage dream episode, as Minority Korner is now a teen... in epsidoes and it's awkward! We share our teen secrets in a new segment for our teen episodes called "Teen Secret Corner". But first in adult land, James is a high profile choreographer for a local tech commerical, and even here (on the lower end of the) casting table there is some weird racial things happening. The reviews are in, Nnekay has seen 'Temple of Poon'. Adventrues with Nnekay at Michaels in the DIY section. There's white dudes trying to explain slavery... Slave Trade the video game exists... and the creator is hell bent on trying to convince you this game is a great idea and necessary. We know we were supposed to do an all teen episode, but we miss understood the assignment.   Why's Burning Man so White? The originator has an explanation.  Super Minority Korner fan, Ryan Christo from the band One Hundred Percent, stops by the corner, who also works in the tech industry and weighs in on tech folks and the changing climate of the Bay Area. Ryan faces off against Nnekay in this weeks quizlet corner. Also Ryan has a gripe about the Minority Korner and is calling us out on Empire. 








Sep 1, 2015

Empire! Did you watch that crazy show- we're both caught up, and it's time to talk about Cookie! James is writing a book on the art of getting that special someone to fall in love with you... or just sleep with you, and it all involves one single word. The VMA's happened, we don't want to talk about it, but how can we not, with the surprising presidential announcement. Taylor Swift has given Nnekay more reason to call her basic.  James had a major star sighting (remember he watches a lot of Real World so set your bar low). We check in the world of allyship, and see how two different ally's are taking two very different approaches to creating visibility for Black folks. Two VERY... different approaches... one's a pickup artist.  Also the entire judicial system is even more fucked up then we thought, and it's starting early in the juvenile detention arena. Also today's quiz is going to look at the myths and truths around the bust. 














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